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About Me

My name is Mathew Thomas. I was born in the Village of Kumarakom, the District of Kottayam, and the State of Kerala in India. I was baptised after 10 days after my birth and also had Holy Communion and confirmation on 18th May, 1990 by Arch Bishop Joseph Powathil in my Parish Church of St. John Nepumsen’s Vadakkumkara, Kumarakom in India.


img_7735My childhood and youth life was prayerful and I was very active in the Parish Alter Service and Mission. My mother was great motivation for me in my spiritual life. She was taking me to the church everyday and helping me to read the Bible.





31st May, 2000 I married Ginu from same Parish.


I am a graduate in commerce and accountancy. I passed out in 1994. I also have a Post Graduate Diploma in computer Applications. I got job experience in Accountancy in different Firms in India. My wife Ginu first came in to the UK on November 2000 and afterwards I came on February 2003.


We have 3 boys and a girl.




I started my first job in the UK as a Care Assistant in a Nursing Home and Shop Assistant in Sainsbury’s super market Ltd, Chichester on March 2003 and I left on February 2009. Also worked as Finance Assistant in St. Richards Hospital, Chichester. It was very nice to work in different Country and different culture. I made  friendship with colleagues and usual customers. Later I thought while I was doing Jesus’s Ministry to  start a new career as a Care Assistant in Hampshire County Council because I love to care who ever are in need of comforting and help.


As part of my spiritual ministry, this is the best job in my opinion to practice the seven corporal works of mercy. Also I can pray for the patients in my spirit and mind. I’m still working as a full-time night care assistant there where the management is very supportive for spirituality and they are using me for who ever need spiritual help. For example, spending time by praying with patients on the end of life care. As well as arranging Holy Communion and funerals for Catholic patients. I am really enjoying my job.



In 2005, There was a turning point happened in my life, one night our Lord Jesus Christ was appeared in front of me. Jesus showed me my whole life in a vision. I filled with his love. Around 3 years every night Jesus visit me taught me lots of things. Jesus asked me to work for him. That’s the way On April 2005, by the help of Jesus I started a prayer group for Indian Catholics living in Chichester, Yapton and Littlehampton and started Holy Mass in Chichester, Yapton and Littlehampton following the Syro-Malabar Rite. By the  grace of God I  started to preaching Gospel in different prayer groups in different parts of England and started leading and conducting Spiritual Retreats.  God blessed me abundantly and sent me many places for witnessing him.


My wife is so prayerful and she gives me lots of support. We do pray together. Also praying with our children and doing the formation for them.img_7742

As part of Jesus Ministry I am teaching Catechism on every third and fourth Sundays in Chichester and Littlehampton for All Indian Catholic children.



As an active parishner, I am a member of Parish Council, Baptism Catechist and Eucharistic Minister in St. Richards Church.





ICON the talk show discussing the individual and collective call of men of God  and their life mentioned in the Holy Bible.




 As part of my job, I take Baptism classes by helping parents whose children making an application to decide that they want their child to be part of God’s Family as well as my main job- ‘Christian Unity’.




I done lots of  Praise and Worship in Divine and Goodness TV knowns as NINNODUOODE
















I am doing a program named EDAYAGEETHAM in London Malayalam Radio on every Sunday.